2022 HoBOOken 5K Race

IN-PERSON 10/29 AND VIRTUAL 10/29-10/31

The Hoboken Shelter

As we approach Thanksgiving there's no better time to give back to those in our community who are food and/or home insecure. 

Opened in 1982, The Hoboken Shelter is a community partnership that transforms lives by providing meals for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, & services to support people to become housed. These services help our homeless guests develop the skills needed to gain employment, achieve independence, and re-integrate into the community. 

Over the last year, the pandemic has challenged The Shelter in ways, we could not have imagined. We’ve had to change the way we serve meals, allow for social distancing, ensure our staff and guests had PPE, and develop policies and procedures to respond to COVID-19. But one thing has not changed and that is our commitment to ensuring that people who are hungry are fed and those in need of a place to sleep have somewhere to lay their head. 

In the past year, we have all learned how important home is. Here at the Shelter we are committed to ending homelessness one person at a time. You can follow the Hoboken Shelter on Instagram @hoboken_shelter. 

There are so many ways you can get involved and help The Hoboken Shelter:

Prepare and serve dinner or lunch
Donate food and clothing
Help sort donations
Share your skills by mentoring or tutoring guests
Run a resume or computer skills workshop
Share your passion by running craft sessions
Help collect donations

For more information visit The Hoboken Shelter.

Top Donors

$1,145 Raised By 68 Donors

$100 on behalf of Mary Devine
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Jonathan Loane
$50 on behalf of Kate Walsh
$50 on behalf of Kathryn Fillingsness
$50 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Alison Obr
$25 on behalf of Allison Zweiman
$25 on behalf of Carmen Bolsius
$25 on behalf of Ciara Moscarello
$25 from Anonymous
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of JacLyn Pagnotta
$25 on behalf of Jill Sieffert Deacon
$25 on behalf of Karen Brodsky
$25 on behalf of Kellie Dainton
$25 on behalf of King Chan
$25 on behalf of Lorrie Garcia
$25 on behalf of Lynn Muckerman
$25 on behalf of nancy romano
$25 on behalf of Nick Lenge
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Tracy Hatton
$25 on behalf of Vikram Jayashankar
$20 on behalf of Christopher Iosue
$10 on behalf of Anthea Ng
$10 on behalf of Ashley Scott
$10 from Anonymous
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of COURTNEY BERGTOLD
$10 on behalf of Emily Petras
$10 on behalf of Evan Ganz
$10 from Anonymous
$10 from Anonymous
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Judith Wailes
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Kari Flanagan
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Marci Rubin
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Reshma Kamdar
$10 on behalf of Riley Lambke
$10 on behalf of Sahaj Kohli
$10 on behalf of Sean Fox
$10 on behalf of Sheera Glass
$10 on behalf of Tara Fraser
$5 on behalf of Alba Dine
$5 on behalf of Alex Murphy
$5 on behalf of Alexis Walling
$5 on behalf of Andrew Warta
$5 on behalf of Angela Bevilacqua
$5 on behalf of Anna Pomales
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Margaret Grandstaff
$5 on behalf of Matthew Hoffman
$5 on behalf of Maysa Moreno
$5 on behalf of Melanie Caba
$5 on behalf of Michael Cianciotta
$5 on behalf of Michal Hanover
$5 on behalf of Michele Mannino
$5 on behalf of Mona Parekh
$5 on behalf of Monica Williams
$5 on behalf of Nick Field
$5 on behalf of Ruth Kavanagh
$5 on behalf of Ryan Mehlin
$5 on behalf of Tom Montgomery
$5 on behalf of Zoheb Virani

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